Jonathan S. Benoit
P.O Box 1124, St. Albans, Vermont                                                                 (978) 804-5488

OBJECTIVE       Seeking a position in the field of software and systems engineering, which

combines and utilizes my experience as both a software and systems specialist.


January 2010-       Senior Member of Technical Staff: Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Corp.,
March 2019           Burlington, Massachusetts

   o Oracle Cloud Infrastructure team member, contributing to the full software development

      life cycle, including requirements analysis, design, coding, debugging, documentation

   o Support engineer for Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) within internal Cloud

      end-to-end testing pool environments.  Maintained LBaaS functionality during interactions

      with other services such as DBaaS, Storage, and Compute services

   o Implement Tenant Automation System (TAS) functionality, enabling automatic processing

      of customer Cloud service instance orders. Technologies included: Java, PL/SQL, REST,

      XML, Scripts, Oracle Database, JPublisher utility for Database/Java object mapping  

   o Create Oracle Entitlements Server - Resource Authentication Service (OES-RAS)

      satisfying Cloud Messaging service authorization requirements.   Confirm authorization

      and authentication identity credentials when accessing deployed resources

   o Create Console UI for Resource Authentication Service (RAS) supporting management of

      client secrets, creation of roles for role based policies

   o Create TAS Permission Module (TPM) allowing users to perform actions on deployed

      Cloud services and applications.  APIs include: CRUD operations for permissions,

      rescind, deny, list permission requests

   o Create Packager tool used to bundle PHP and Python applications, deploying them to

      Oracle HTTP server

   o Create new Tenant Automation System (TAS) command line (tasctl) features, and

      implement bug fixes and enhancements to existing tasctl commands
   o Developed a Hunter tool, that scans Cloud server and database logs, looking for

      specific error, and displays all related errors within all log files for a specified time range  

   o Create UX wireframe mockups using Balsamiq Wireframes application
   o Contributing member of the Glassfish Jersey development team, Jersey is open source

      framework for developing RESTful Web Services in Java.  Supports JAX-RS APIs and

      serves as JAX-RS (JSR 311 and JSR 339) reference implementation

   o Responsible for source code version control (SCCS, CVS, SVN, ClearCase, ADE), unit

      testing (JUnit, TestNG), continuous integration testing (Hudson, Jenkins), and bundling

      releases (ant, Makefile, shell scripting) to ensure they shipped on time

   o Perform bug fixes to Service Component Unit (SKU) data conversion tool.  Execute SKU

      data conversion tool to modify Service instance data in Oracle database tables. Tool

      processes CSV input data file into PL/SQL script

   o IDEs used - JDeveloper, Eclipse, SQLDeveloper, Netbeans, Postman

   o Member on Devops OnCall team handling live customer calls, utilizing PagerDuty, JIRA

      bug reporting tool

   o Monitor Watchdog pools test suite for LBaaS regression test failures, bug fixes as required

   o Maintained internal Wiki and Confluence pages, ensuring data sharing within the team

September 1998-    Software Engineer: Java Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc.,
January 2010          Burlington, Massachusetts

  o Valuable contributing member of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) deployment team
  o Developed a tool that verifies that the data contained in a deployment module conforms to

      the J2EE specifications for EJB's, JSP's, Servlet's, and Java Application Client's.
  o Developed a tool that converts old style serialized deployment descriptors from any

      Vendor, to new style XML based deployment descriptor which conforms to new J2EE

      deployment specification
  o Helped define and implement J2EE deployment specification
  o Assisted with GUI development, bug fixes, ant build, Makefiles
  o Act as SunVisor to new employee, to ensure rapid integration into J2EE deployment team

July 1997-             OEM Licensee Engineer: Javasoft, Sun Microsystems, Inc.,
September 1998   Chelmsford, Massachusetts

   o Responsible for the successful integration of Java in licensee's environment, providing

       support for Java licensees
   o Working with engineering development, understand licensee's issues, communicate

       those back to the organization, create a plan for action and execute it, including required

       development activity
   o Able to work independently, handle changing environments, see goals to completion and

       deliver their plans, whether development or information, to a mutually agreed upon


December 1995-  Technical Support Engineer: Sun Microsystems, Inc.,
July 1997              Chelmsford, Massachusetts

   o Provide customer technical support for application hangs, compiler bugs and system

       support (languages include: Java, C, C++, Fortran, Ada, Pascal, Cobol)
   o Interpret core dumps, stack trace and truss analysis
   o Support numerous Java related software and hardware products including: Java Station,

       HotJava, JavaPlan, Java Workshop 1.0, JDK 1.1.1 (Beans, RMI, JDBC, Networking)
   o Troubleshoot and working knowledge of a variety of language related tools and products

       including: linker, libraries, threads, STL, TeamWare, SPARCworks/Workshop-Tools

   o Provide basic kernel troubleshooting, config solutions to customers with kernel/system

       problems including: system performance, sar, iostat, vmstat, sysdef, /etc/system config,

       maxusers, swap, forceload/modload kernel modules for shared memory, semaphore, or

       message queues modules, savecore

May 1995-           Software Engineer: Sanders, A Lockheed Martin Co.,
December 1995  Merrimack, New Hampshire

   o Developed application software using C on Unix platform for U.S. Air Force Mission

       Support System (AFMSS) defense program
   o Designed operator machine road maps for a multi-windowing system utilizing Xt, Xm and

       Xlib function calls
   o Supported existing database schema, add new interface bindings to a Sybase database
   o Familiarized with military DoD-STD 2167A software development environment

August 1992-     Software Engineer: Tiburon Systems, Inc., San Jose, California
April 1995

   o Developed application software using Ada on Unix for U.S. Navy defense programs such

       as the Tomahawk Missile program and Advanced Tactical Workstation (ATW)
   o Designed front end processor/decoders utilizing Ada tasking to process received data in

       near real time
   o Developed inter-client communication in a multi-process environment running on LAN
   o Obtained thorough knowledge of CASE development tools such as TEAMWORK

   o Obtained U.S. Security Clearance level: Secret

EDUCATION       Bachelor of Science Degree/Computer Science
                           San Jose State University, San Jose, California
                           May 1992