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SOFTWARE SYSTEMS ENGINEER I am a seasoned and analytical Software Applications Developer with over 15 years of diverse experience in the design and deployment of commercial and industrial adaptive software solutions within highly complex environments. I am experience in object oriented analysis and design, development, and embedded programming with proficiencies in multiple languages including C#, and C++. I am an excellent communicator and creative problem solver. I am able to learn new technologies quickly. While my primary goal is to remain focused on products/applications requiring advanced knowledge of both electronics and embedded applications, I am flexible to some degree. I enjoying the challenges of ever changing situations, I enjoy traveling to customer locations: helping solve particular technical problems. I therefore would consider positions not directly involved with programming such as field or sales engineer for technical products and/or services.


Riverstone  Systems DBA

Westport, New York
2006 to 05/10/11

  • Support for select saw mill sites. This work is an extension of the work I did while employed with the now defunct: Silvatech Corp. In this role, I do Installation of software modifications-- providing on going support for the Edger Optimizer system via remote internet based connections-- or on site.  Recently one mill updated the optimizer machine control subsystem from the original implementation which used a dedicated embedded device controller to an Allen Bradley PLC. In turn, this change required me to modify the C++ based optimizer program. While these changes were made to facilitate the new machine control system —they also included other modifications to the main program with the goal of improving end-user experience, and system reliability.

  • Custom Windows GUI MFC/C++/C# applications under Windows or Linux (Mono) in support of RF networked embedded devices. Also involved with website development using jscript and PHP.

  • Embedded PIC: Programming using the C programming language: Recently, I personally developed several firmware based assemblies in support of low cost custom remote monitoring and supervision solutions aimed at residential energy smart applications. Some of these devices included 3 GHZ XBEE radio modules for remote communications with host PC. I did the circuit and PCB design, as well as the embedded software design using both Microchip and other embedded C compilers. For the PIC, I use the MPLAB IDE and REAL-ICE emulator to expedite development and debug of the embedded code.  I have documented some of my efforts on these projects @ , and  

  • GE Security, Bradenton, Florida, Software Consultant: In this assignment, I worked on a legacy SQL based nurse call system application. The project involved the use of Borland C++ and Microsoft C++ to recover lost functionality in the legacy code originally developed under Borland C++.

  • Fairbanks Scales, St Johnsbury, Vermont ,Software Consultant: : In this assignment I did custom programming on 8051 based electronic scales using C/C++/assembly compilers and various in circuit emulators. In this position, I did customer requested modifications of standard product line scales to meet specific needs. One particularly interesting project involved integrating Blue Tooth serial module into a legacy electronic scale unit. The task required modification of of 8051 based internals to recognize and use the new serial interface. I also demonstrated how using Windows Dot.Net run time remoting interface, the scale could be controlled and queried remotely via TCIP interface.

Silvatech Corp
Software Engineer

Bethel, Vermont

2000 to 2006

In this position, I supported major development elements of a saw board optimization system. Edger Optimization Systems (EOS), use laser distance/thickness measurement systems and algorithms to determine optimal value final solution any given piece of lumber. Specifically, I handled the creation of a unique software subsystem (optimizer engine) designed to interpret (laser range finder developed) topography of rough cut lumber to determine the best possible cut values of length, width, and angle using a combination of simulating annealing and exhaustive search software techniques.

  • My primary contribution to the program involved focused attention to conceptualizing, designing and writing the solution algorithm that solved the key unknown in making this system work. For this, I used Visual Studio MFC/C++ for all development work. In 2001, we shipped the first system running under RT extended Linux OS. For this system, I ported code developed using Microsoft tools to Linux. Subsequent machines, were delivered using Windows 2000 as the core OS—which required no porting.

  • In addition to the algorithm work, I also did early design and development work on the Emerson Electric PLC machine control subsystem.  The typical EOS PLC controlled up to 6 motors, and up to three saw position actuators. It also responded to limit and safely switches.

  •  Also developed a mill support C++/MFC GUI intensive program called the Grade Specification Editor. This program allowed mill operators to customize machine operation for each type of wood used.

  • Traveled extensively to install and support ten machines nation wide. Did telephone support for issues related to both software and PLC.

Green Mountain Computing
Software Engineer

South Burlington, Vermont


  • Helped develop an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for a VHDL programming suite using Visual Studio C++ to run in both Windows and Linux GUI environments.

  • Wrote VHDL programs for testing, demonstration, and training of developers.

Independent Consultant

Yankee Solutions, inc. President

Contoocook, New Hampshire


Provided services across multiple industry segments on projects including hardware and software programming, database development, and, software quality assurance and testing. Some of these projects Include:

  • Designed and coded the GE Fanac PLC using software control and supervisory system for a multiple-processor slurry blast polishing system for steam turbine parts. As part of the same project, I also wrote the PC based human interface using Wonderware software. Managed one technician.

  • Developed software programs for electronic stress screening systems. Specifically, I created C/C++ based Windows programs using Borland C/C++ for a Bow NH firm to stress/test automotive ignition sensors for a test machine exported to Taiwan.

  • Performed operating system level testing for Apollo Computer in Billerica MA.

  • Did testing work for NEC printer division near Littleton MA.

  • Worked on a programming team to create a Borland C++ PC based interface program for diesel truck engine controllers in Manchester NH.

  • Implemented source control mechanism for insurance company in Manchester NH.

  • Participated in the  Lotus Notes project for Lotus Development Corporation in Cambridge MA.

  • Using Delphi and SQL, I Participated in the development of a database query application used in TV ad statistical processing in RSC/Evansville, IN.

  • Designed and developed PC based interrupt code for a special research projects for MIE, Inc, of Billerica Ma

  • Did on-site consulting at Delco Electronics in both Milwaukee WI and Kokomo IN, for my former employer: Aerotronics Associates in Contoocook, N.H.

  • Participated in government sponsored carrier based GPS surveys of water wells on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket MA.

  • In 1990, acquired military style Trimble GPS units for evaluation in the development of early assets management system for possible use by state governments. Early systems and concepts involved various methods for using crude portable laptops to geo-tag digital images with the geodetic position. Although stymied by the (SA) selective availability, use of oversampling combined with other techniques produced reasonable test results. Later used, Delorme Earthmate GPS for carrier based sub-meter surveys using post correction techniques.

  • Attended sales and marketing meetings with the local Chamber of Commerce. Served on the Camber of Commerce Transportation Committee in the early 90s. Conducted training seminars on products we were supporting at the time: i.e. accounting software.

Aerotronics Associates

Project Engineer.

Contoocook, New Hampshire


  • Participated in the development of Zilog Z80 based machine controllers--- mastered the use of Zilog assembly language and emulator to debug assembly language programs.

  • Developed the companies' first computer based machine test system checkout machine using off-the-shelf personal computer hardware (using CP/M OS and Z80 S100 based computer) while on-site in a hotel room. In addition to writing the controlling software program, for me, project also involved CMOS digital and linear op-amp electronic design as it related to providing both stimulus and output monitoring capability for GM engine controllers.

  • Developed companies' first eight bit computer based Transistor Test Machine for AT@T using : CP/M using MT/PASCAL

  • Developed first EEPROM FSM based controller for pallet handler for Apple Computer Lisa project using Turbo Pascal

  • Developed CMOS/TTL based interface circuits for  AT@T, Delco Electronics.

  • Developed ECL based test boards for testing Control Data hard drives.

    NOTE:All electronic designs involved working closely with PCB artwork department to ensure proper functionality and frequency response with careful consideration of ground loop issues.

  • Developed HP based integrated test system for aircraft power supply control system for Lear Siegler

  • Developed DEC/VAX based system for Delco Electronics to test/stress electronic locomotive controllers.

  • Assistant managed the installation of 15M burn-in complex at Delco Electronics onsite in Milwaukee WI in 1979/80

Data Translation, Inc

Associate Engineer

Natick Ma


Did design work on computer bus interfaces for various computer bus standards of the time? One of which was the conceptual design for IEEE-488 controller for PDP-11 bus.

Fairbanks Scales

Test Technician, QA Technician, R&D Technician.

St Johnsbury, Vermont


Did production test and repair of electronic scale projects. Did QA tasks related to improving reliability of first generation microprocessor based scales. I Did R&D tasks related to assisting design engineers by building prototype and conceptual items. Also become familiar with Intel 4004 and 4040 assembly language.


FRANKLIN PIERCE COLLEGE , Concord/Ridge, New Hampshire
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science BSCS



New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord New Hampshire ,Electronics, Computer Science, and Land Surveying Courses


NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY , Boston, Massachusetts, Electrical and Software Engineering courses


Associates Degree, Electronics AAS




Skills : strong electrical and mechanical trouble-shooting/problem solving skills, Willingness and capability to travel to remote customer sites for long periods, Strong customer support background skills, Embedded/Firmware design and implementation capability, Strong spatial/GIS documentation skills.  PCB design using Eagle and Design Spark tools.  Strong Mechanical skills.. Automobile and motorcycle mechanic.

Technical tools: Operating Systems: CP/M, VAX/RSX-11. RT-11, Microsoft Windows (2003, 2000, NT, XP, ME, 98, 95, 3.x), DOS; Linux—Ubuntu 9.10/10.4, UNIX;Net Runtimes: NET 2.0-3.5, Java
NET 3.5: Web-Services, (Mapping) Remoting(IP remote controls), Serialization(data storage and retrieval),  co-development with MONO on Linux.Serialized Data Formats: XML.
Hardware Emulators: REAL-ICE(PIC 16/18 /24/32), Zilog(Z80), Keil(8051). JTAG
DataBase: Paradox/Delpi, MySQL, PostGreSQL MS,SQL_Server,
3DGraphics: OpenGL/C++, DirectX
GPS/GIS: Tralaine Coordinate System Translator, Trimble, Delorme, Magallen, GoogleMAP API, ExpertGPS, Custom Coordinate Translation c++ objects, |MapObjects, MapMaker, Delorme, NMEMA sentences.
Source Control: PVCS , Subversion,
C++ Class Libraries: MFC,BOOST,TR1,TKOpen,STL
Interfaces: IEEE-488,RS-232, RS-422, I2C, SPI, TCIP, CAN
Pascal Compilers: Turbo Pascal, GCC Pascal
Micro Controller C Compilers: High Tech C, SDCC, Source Boost C, MicroChip C18
Other Computer Languages: Basic, Prolog,
HTML Based Languages: JavaScipt, PHP
PC C Compilers GCC, Computer Associates C, Turbo C, GYGWIN,
C++ Compilers: Microsoft, G++, Turbo C++, Borland C++
Recent Electrical: DSP,AVR,PIC 16F, 18F,CAN, I2C: LM75, DS1620,I2C ,DS3232, DS1307, FPLA/RTL VHDL for silicon I2C solutions.
PIC Micro-controllers: 16F648, 18F2520, 18F2620, 18F25K22
AVR Micro-controllers: ATMega328
In house custom PIC Applications : PIC based Quad Seven Segment Display card, PIC Controller card with RTC, Temp Sensor, and IEEE-15-04 RF serial interface. Applications: Four cylinder Engine Controller and monitoring, Residential Remote Thermostats. RF Serial  Intefaces : IEEE-15.04 MainStream-XBEE , ConnectBlue BlueTooth
Micro-controllers: Intel 4004/4040,8080 ,8051 family, Microchip 16F, 18F families, Blackfin AD533;
Programming Tools: Databases & Support Applications: Microsoft - C, C#, Visual MFC/C++, Visual Studio 2008,Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio Version 6, QT, KDevelop, QDevelop, MonoDevelop, Eclipse, PikLab, Code:Blocks.MPLAB,
SCADA: Wonderware Automation & Control, Emerson Electric PLC/Ladder Logic, GE Fanac PLC

PC Applications: ScreenCapture: Jing, CamStudio
PCB Layout Editors: Eagle, Design Spark PCB TinyCad
CAD: TurboCad, AutoCad
Graphical Editors: Pia, InkScape,
Image Editors: GIMP, Photoshop