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B.S.E.E. The Ohio State University
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Focus: Engineering and Communication Systems Programming

  • Efficiently analyze and troubleshoot problems with ability to understand complex systems from micro and macro views
  • Innovatively design products through solid engineering training coupled with "user focus"
  • Support project teams with information resourcing, "hands-on" engineering, and accurate communications

Strengths: An experienced software/hardware engineer who "excels in many dimensions of product development" and offers solid experience encompassing:

Utilizing Computers / Programming Gathering Data / Resourcing Improvising / Creativity / Innovation
Problem Analysis / Troubleshooting Developing Training Programs International Business / Culture
Hands-on Building / Engineering Project Management / Scheduling Perceptive Situational Assessment


DEVELOPED MULTI-THREADED TCP/IP COMMUNICATION ENGINE and program to manage data acquisition hardware. The program is used in more than 1000 civil engineering projects worldwide.

DEVELOPED SERIAL COMMUNICATION APPLICATIONS used by 1000s of companies to order pharmaceuticals via bar-code scanners and modems, host systems called by 100,000s of leased copying machines, and a host system called by 100s of remote membership card "swipe" devices.

DESIGNED INNOVATIVE SYSTEM used by the 2nd largest U.S. cellular phone reseller so agents can use a standard Internet dial-up account to verify credit status and submit phone activation requests.

SUCCESSFULLY MANAGED WORLD-WIDE SUPPORT for a product critical to the operation of 30 video production facilities (many international), adding new features and eventually porting the entire program from PDP-11 Assembler to Turbo Pascal (over 44,000 lines of code) on a PC.

OBTAINED KNOWLEDGE OF CURRENT TECHNOLOGY by attending Ohio State to complete a BSEE in 1993, with 215 credit hours, and GPA of 3.46/4.0 with emphasis on computer hardware and software design (have taken 6 additional courses since as continuing education).

QUICKLY ANALYZED THE PROBLEMS faced by a leading credit union support company and assisted them in getting their new web banking program (used by the customers of 15 credit unions) up and running.

MADE CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS on the architecture of a system that collects data from 60 airports world-wide for a major airline company, helping them to install a system which provided much more flexibility and ease of maintenance but with no added cost.

Relevant Experience:

Exceptional background in Engineering and Communication Systems Programming gained in strong positions as: Contract Engineer, Director of Systems & Engineering, and Design Engineer.