Mark A Purinton

77 Elm Ridge Road Stow, MA 01775 (978) 461-3964



A challenging and interesting full or part-time position, which uses my management, team leader, communication, and training skills.  This position would utilize my expertise with Server, Storage, Network and Software Configuration Management, software release engineering, generation of QA Test Plans, QA Test Cases, QA automation test scripts writing, software tool development, UNIX/Windows NT system administration, embedded systems software integration and debugging, C/C++ software development, Customer communication, documentation and presentation skills.

Career Highlights 

u  Rearchitected embedded C/C++ Intel® XEON® diagnostic software which prevented DATA and HEAP overlap and memory leaks.

u  Developed Standard Operating Procedures and mentored co-workers on how to use software development best practices which enabled them to work more efficiently, and deliver their product sooner.

u  Developing GNU gcc/g++ applications, kernel drivers and the build environment in Red Hat Enterprise and SUSE Linux OS.

u  Improved build environment which enhanced the developers awareness of defects earlier in the process.

u  Understanding formal software development methods, including knowledge of Rational Unified Process (RUP), UML, IDL and Simics modeling languages

u  Provided new software estimates to program management, which were consistently valid and time and again could be used by software developers.

Technical Summary

SW Languages:                 Perl, Python, JavaScript, JRuby, Jython, UNIX Shell scripting (csh, tcsh, sh, ksh, bash), Windows batch file scripting, VBScript, Microsoft Visual C/C++.NET, C#, Basic, VB, MASM, (.NET Framework, AJAX, XHTML), SOAP (XML, RPC, HTTP), SQL and WSH, GNU gcc/g++/Java (gas, lib, ld) , WindRiver Workbench (GNU gcc/g++), Green Hills Software Multi IDE (C/C++/ADA), CodeGear (Java)

Environments:                   Sun Solaris OS (Sparc, Intel), Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, Embedded XP, 2003, VISTA),  Linux (Red Hat Enterprise, Novell SUSE, Mandriva [Mandrake]), IBM AIX,  Hewlett Packard HP-UX, Apple MacOS X, VMware Virtualization Server/Workstation and DG/UX

Servers/Web:                     Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft FrontPage,, IIS and NT Share, Samba, IBM Rational ClearCase VOB and View, Build (software development),  MKS Integrity, SVN and CVS

SW Methodologies:         SEI Team Software Process (TSP), Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI)

SW Build:                             CGI-Perl, Perl, HTML, XML, Apache Ant, Make utility (IBM Rational Clearmake, GNU gmake and Microsoft nmake), makefile construction and dependency checking, Microsoft MSBuild VMware build platform virtualization, GNU sendmail, Windows SMTP clients

SW Release:                       CGI-Perl, HTML, Perl, Python, JRuby, Windows batch file and UNIX shell scripting,  Customer deployment strategy planning.

SW Packages:                   Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access), Microsoft Project, Windows NetMeeting and Meeting Space, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, CA UniCenter, IBM Rational RequisitePro, Rose (UML), SoDa, Purify, ClearCase, ClearQuest, BMC Remedy and Open Source Bugzilla defect  tracking

Installation Packages:    Symantec WISE, Acresso Software InstallShield, open source SFX, PkZip installer, WinZip installer, 7-zip installer, jar, war, UNIX sh, ksh, tar and bzip install scripting, Python EGGS, Red Hat RPM, Sun pkgadd, ISO formats

Network Protocols:          TCP/IP (Perl IO:Sockets, IBM Rational ClearCase Web Client, VNC Client/Server), RDP (Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS X Remote Desktop Client and Terminal Services), Telnet, SSH (Putty, UNIX SSH Client and Cygwin Xwin for Windows), FTP, RPC (IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client, SOAP), SNMP

Configuration Mgmt:     IBM Rational ClearCase, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, MKS Integrity, SVN, CVS, RCS

Embedded RTOS:             Wind River VxWorks, pSOS, Green Hills Software Integrity, Mentor Graphics Nucleus, Express Logic ThreadX, QNX, Microsoft Windows NT, XP Embedded and open source FreeBSD

Emulators/ Debuggers:  Wind River ICE (PPC, Intel, Atmel, PMC MIPS)/Workbench, Green Hills Software

                                              Probe/Multi (PPC, ARM, MIPS, Intel Xscale), American Arium/SourcePoint, Wiggler/open source gdb

Storage :                             SAN (Fibre), NAS (Direct, Wireless), SCSI (Direct)

Storage Mgmt:                 Simple, Raid (0,5), JBOD, Raw (Oracle, Sybase), Veritas and Navisphere client tools

File Systems:                      NTFS, FAT32, Linux filesystems (ext2, vfat, nfs, smbfs)

File Servers:                        Samba, NFS, mvfs, Linux fs

SQA Test Tools:                  SeQUE Silk, FanFare, Microsoft Visual Studio Test suite

Testing:                                Prepare and implement software unit and QA system test cases, test plans and test bed client-server configurations.  Use automatic, manual and/or event driven testing methods.  Documented defects, test results, and detailed the software environment when panics or defects occurred.

Graphics:                           Intel 8051, C, firmware development, debugging and maintenance.   Converted graphic files: TIFF, GIF, PCX, bit-map binary, Group 3 & 4 fax, ASCII, LZW compressed, tar, cpio, MS DOS, UNIX, DEC, and others. Performed Graphic display functions for the following types of adapters; CGA, EGA, VGA (800by600), SVGA (1024by768), interlaced and non-interlaced raster (1500by1500).


EMC CorporatioN                                                                                                                                      Hopkinton MA

Configuration and Release Engineer (Employee)                                                                   May 2002 to Present

u  Replaced the Microsoft Visual Studio 6 compiler and the Embedded Power Corporation’s BEACON i386 16-bit linker and runtime library with a new tool suite, which provided C/C++ standard syntax checking, reporting of linkage issues under extreme code collaboration and support for future Intel® XEON® multicore processors.  The new tool suite eliminated the previous link breakage and the need for the developer to seek other’s assistance to generate a binary image of their source code.

u  Troubleshoot and identify root cause Windows, Linux, Embedded OS kernel, drivers, supervisory and user level application and installer issues with my pre-release and other developer’s builds.

u  Designed and utilized best practices to implement Symm Software Enginuity, CLARiiON FLARE and other third-party vendor SDK code (Linux, BSD, GPL 1.0 licensed) in the various hardware platforms GPS EPOST/E3Diags diagnostic tests and driver code.

u  Gathered requirements from Intel® XEON® Fimware Program Managers to develop/ design/implement Release Management Tool client/server Perl application on a Windows 2003 virtual server.

u  Developed and implemented numerous Standard Operating Procedures Best Practices manuals and provided training for various installation and setup of tools suites, such as: GNU gcc/g++, Microsoft Visual C/C++/C#, ClearCase and CVS.

u  Rearchitected embedded C/C++ XEON® diagnostic software which prevented DATA and HEAP overlap and memory leaks.

u  Perform Daily Release branch software builds with GNU gcc/g++ and Microsoft Visual C/C++ tool suites, migration of Visual SourceSafe branch files into an existing ClearCase 6 repository (VOB).

u  Analyzed root cause of Embedded C/C++ and Windows C++/C# software from a System-level perspective, using:  debuggers, emulators, logic or software analyzers, specific test processes, procedures or isolation techniques.

u  Develop, design and implement Windows WISE and open source SFX Windows installer scripts for Release Firmware and PcTools scripts together with third-party firmware and disk binaries into Quality Assurance groups (HWQA, SWQA) and MFG production testing (ATE), development (APC) and release (GAME) groups. Provided Daily Release packages using Windows installer as the developer made commits to source control repository and per the program’s release plan.

u  Design and deliver series of classes for coworkers.  Topics include: CVS, ClearCase, Green Hills Probe/Debugger, UNIX/Linux shells (tcsh, bash, sh), best practices when mixing C and C++ source code with GNU gcc/g++ and Microsoft Visual C/C++ tool suites.

u  Migrated CLARiiON XEON® platform BIOS from a ClearCase 6 server farm to ClearCase 7 server with triggers that assist users from creating empty branches, duplicate elements and force best practices with branch and label names.   This reduced the developers’ time to release to manufacturing.

u  Provided new software estimates, to program management, which were consistently valid and time and again could be done by somebody with the same skill set as myself.

u  Authored professional oversight correspondence with tool vendors, such as, WindRiver and Green Hills Software for the purchase, field support engineers and on-going maintenance contracts..


Cereva Networks, Inc.                                                                                                                        Marlborough, MA

Configuration and Release Engineer                                                                          November 2000 to May 2002

u  Design/implemented Make Release Processes, where I developed Makefiles, scripts, tools and nightly build processes for releasing Clearmake built PPC and MIPS embedded components to a Smoke Test environment.

u  Created developer private and release build branches, branch file merge and labeling scripts for internal base revision release code versions and updating COTS development software.

u  Troubleshooted and identified root cause RTOS kernel, drivers, supervisory and user level application and installer issues with developer’s builds to get a working release build on-time.

u  Developed Perl scripts for an integrated release process on Solaris and Windows platforms.

u  Directed the performance tuning and configuration of ClearCase VOB and viewstore servers for improved developer productivity and reduced build time.

·         Developed Clearmake files where Windows NT command and C-shell scripts were previously used to build the PPC and MIPS embedded components.

·         Installed ClearCase NT Client software on PCs mounting VOBs exported with Syntax TAS NFS server software.

u  Developed Perl scripts for ClearCase VOB triggers, SNMP development suites build component header file creation, daily build reporting parsing, and SQA test scripts.

u   Built and installed licensed, shareware and public domain software tools for Java and C/C++ embedded code development, within ClearCase VOB’s to maintain version control.

u  Develop and write formal Release Notes and ReadMe text documents for the Clearmake built PPC and MIPS embedded components, which are product released to end-users.

u  Provided training to developers on the use of snapshot viewstores and private branch ClearCase viewstore configuration specifications.

u  Provided training to Information Technology system and network administrators in the configuration, installation and setup of Sun Enterprise and Ultra server technologies for a large developer environment.

u  Configured and developed build processes for Red Hat Linux and Windows NT OS, using their respective GNU tool suites.


EMC CorporatioN, Clariion Unit of Data General                                                            Southborough, MA

SEQA Configuration, Telephony and Automation Test Engineer (Contract)  April 2000 to November 2000

u  Designed and implemented scripts, tools, telephony test environments, jumpstart OS installations, Silk and QA Partner GUI automation processes for a SAN or direct managed clustered RAID 0/1/5 storage array systems.

o    Operating systems include Solaris 2.x, HP-UX 11.x, IBM-AIX 4.3.x, Novell 5.x, Red Hat 6.x Linux and MS Windows NT 4.0 / 2000.

u  Implemented Email, Dial-up and Email Pager, and Voice telephony call services, specification-based software testing of an OS specific daemon (Agent), which initiates messages on a storage array, monitored event.

u  Client server software testing environment in a mixed OS set of clients and server combinations.

u  Troubleshoot, identified and documented root causes for CLARiiON Navisphere client run-time issues, on PC’s running various versions of Windows and Linux, with pre-release and other developer’s builds.

u  Troubleshoot, identified and documented root causes for CLARiiON Flare, an embedded run-time kernel, ArrayX drivers and installer issues with pre-release and other developer’s builds.

u  Performed root cause analysis with Navisphere client developers and managers on installation, startup, HP OpenView management and runtime (memory leaks) defects

u  Developed/implemented/maintained test plans for testing CLARiiON Navisphere client SAN/JBOD/SCSII direct managed networks hardware and software environments.

u  Reported/documented/closed defects, using the Remedy DIM tracking application following the business test process procedures used by the SEQA group.


Ignitus Communications, LLC                                                                                                                      Acton, MA

Release, Build, Integration and ClearCase Administrator (Contract)                                             11/99 to 3/00

u  Designed and implemented Makefiles, scripts, tools and build processes for an ATM network edge switch.  Created developer private and release build branches, branch file merge and labeling scripts for code development programs and third party supplied vendor software.   Integrated developer application and device driver code into a system product to be built and tested at alpha and beta testing sites.  Installed ClearCase UNIX Server software on SUN Solaris systems.  Installed ClearCase NT Client software on PC’s mounting VOB’s exported with Syntax TAS NFS server software.  Developed Perl scripts for VOB triggers, mib build component header file creation, daily build reporting parsing, and SQA test scripts.  Designed and installed build servers for 75 software and SQA test engineers.  Built and installed shareware and public domain software tools for Java and C embedded code development.  Designed and installed SQA test networks for testing Network Management Client/Server applications and ATM network products.  Developed and conducted ClearCase user training and in-class material for presentation, to software developers and SQA test engineers.


Nortel Networks, Inc.                                                                                                                                  Boxboro, MA

Release and Configuration Engineer (Contract)                                                                                   7/97 to 11/99

u  Installed Multi-site ClearCase Server and Client software on SUN UNIX systems.  Created a multiple ClearCase VOB development directory tree for scripts, 3rd-party tools, source, make, library, and header files. Created branch labels for code development branch generation.  Converted the external build development directories and files, into ClearCase

u  VOB objects.  Created ClearCase configuration specification files. For all branches of the product development process. System administrator for UNIX SUN servers, workstations, PC X-window clients, NT (v4.0) servers, NFS file systems, DNS/NIS server databases, CAD, development tool licenses and version updates.


BGS Systems, Inc                                                                                                                                            Waltham, MA

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)                                                                                                           9/96 to 6/97

u  Designed, developed, tested and maintained a software development tool suite within a UNIX and Windows NT Configuration Management environment.  System administrated multiple UNIX and Windows NT OS platforms.  Supported PureAtria ClearCase and ClearDDTS, GUI widget libraries, GNU utilities, and Help Desk processes.  Investigated ClearCase user problems and resolved NFS automounter, ClearCase VOB and viewstore databases, client/server RPC communications, nightly build process, OS platform imake rules, make install, client installations, and patch level issues.

u  Maintained the nightly build and reporting of error process for the BGS/BEST1 Distributed Computing System product. 

u  Performed the release management of the BETA and Px production versions of the product from the ClearCase environment to the media-making process. 

u  Managed a staff of four individuals in the System Administration group.

u  Designed and developed client/server processes on the build systems, to watch over the nightly builds, restart, report, correct minor problems, and capture the BGS/BEST1 product for developer and QA testing.

u  Developed ClearCase configuration specifications for developers, which allowed for branches to be created off of dropped labels on the source code version trees.

u  Designed and developed Korn shell scripts to administer the ClearCase VOB databases with single command functionally for ease of use, by other scripts and scheduling by cron.

u  Designed, developed, and initiated several UNIX RISC and NT PC systems into build servers to expand the OS versions and manufacturers in the nightly build process.

u  Performance tuned the UNIX OS versions and network layer products to reduce the build time, per platform, from eight hours to less than two hours.

u  Prepared user documentation in the use of the Configuration Management environment and generation of the GNU utilities on a UNIX platform OS basis.

u  Provided user training in the areas of the Configuration Management checkins, checkouts, build methods, imake rules, Makefile command line overrides and bug reporting processes.


Digital Equipment Corporation                                                                                                                   Stow, MA

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)                                                                                                           7/95 to 7/96

u  Designed, developed, and built an IP network gateway, using OpenVMS 7.0, C, MMS, CMS, and UCX 4.0.  Developed multiple processes, using IPC message handling, to provide network user interface timeout feature.  Developed an API for OpenVMS system and UCX function calls.

u  Developed a similar IP network gateway prototype using DCL script commands.   Maintained prototype code, assisted in field trials and evaluation, and provided help desk support.

u  Developed a functional and detail design specification for the WAN network product.

u  Installed and administrated several OpenVMS and MS Windows NT desktop and LAN server systems.  Installed and configured several client/server applications requiring MS BackOffice 2.0, SQL 6.0, Mail Exchange and Internet servers. Performed performance tuning on clients and servers to increase application speed.  Created private-public shares between clients/servers and server to server.  Installed and configured TCP/IP on WFW, WIN95 clients and NT servers.

u  Developed a MMS and CMS software development environment for twelve network tool applications.  Maintained code and provided help desk support for DEC's international WAN network users.


Brite Voice Systems, Inc.                                                                                                                                Canton, MA

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)                                                                                                           3/95 to 7/95

u   Designed and developed IPC communication processes, using Shlaer & Mellor object-oriented design methods, to test run-time processes for a telephone voice query and response system in real-time.  Classes were developed to define the common test procedure instructions.  Methods were invoked through IPC messages to the process to be tested.  Developed and built Solaris processes, using top-down design, which converted keyboard commands into IPC messages. 

u  Designed and developed a scripting language syntax reader, which when ASCII text was written to a command file could be read by the Solaris test processes, sent methods to other processes. Designed and developed the user interface, as one Solaris processes which allowed the user to debug the test environment, using such methods as set and clear breakpoint, run, continue, step, trace, dump configuration and tables, etc.

u  Designed C-shell scripts to run and stop all necessary processes using multiple X-windows in a single login session.  Developed awk script procedures to manipulate process's state diagram for further enhancements and maintenance.

u  Developed Solaris Makefiles for the build processes, state diagrams and error message header file definitions from an ASCII text file.  Integrated GNU gmake utility options for building with debugger, compilers, operating systems and memory management checking software such as Rational Software’s Purify tool.


Novacore Technologies, Inc.                                                                                                               Concord, MA

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)                                                                                                           6/94 to 3/95

u  Designed, developed, built, and tested LAN FAX servers using Novell UnixWare on ISA bus computers.


American Science & Engineering, Inc.                                                                                         Cambridge, MA,

Senior Systems Software Engineer                                                                                                              10/83 to 6/94

u  Designed, developed, tested and maintained code for real-time, multi-processor, Non-Destructive, X-ray inspection systems.


Raytheon Service Company                                                                                                                  Burlington, MA

Systems Engineer                                                                                                                                           11/80 to 10/83

u  Developed real-time, multi-processor, networked database Energy Management system software for the U.S. Air Force and Army bases.



Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, New York

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Also, additional graduate level courses.

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