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Gábor Szabó

April 7, 2000

Personal information

Name:Gábor Szabó
Born in:1967, Budapest, Hungary
Address:Migdal HaLevanon 23. flat 18, Modiin 71700, Israel

Work experience

1999-2000 I setup a start-up company to pursue several ideas in the Internet. Even though the system is nearly functional I could not receive financing to expand it.
The working system can be seen here: Web site performance monitoring (
During this period I employed several people mainly through the Internet for developement. We used Perl, C, PostgreSQL, Apache, Linux, OpenBSD for development.
1997-1998 Phasecom Ltd. (today located in Jerusalem. They are developing cable modems.
Application Engineer: Evaluating third party technology in order to include them in the networking side of the product. Writing Application Notes for the different systems. Training of the Marketing and the Support team of those implementations. Working with switches, routers, Data Encryption (VPN) and Quality Of Service (QoS) devices, Acounting information, SNMP managers, Designing and developing an asynchronous, telco return system for Phasecoms' cable modem system.
1996-1997 AgentSoft ( a start-up company located in Jerusalem, Israel.
Information System: Design, development and maintenance of the Information infrastructure of the company.
Installation of Windows NT 4.0 domain based network with Win95 clients. UNIX and Macintosh connectivity and maintenance. Connection to the Internet , (DNS, Mail, Web, News servers) and development of the Intranet. Dial-in connection for employees. Purchase and maintenece of equipment and softwares. Documentation of the system.
Development in Java, JavaScript, Perl and HTML of agent technology built by the company.
1994-1996 Netmanage (, Jerusalem office.
I held various responsibilities during the 2.5 years I spent there:
Development: For one year I worked on hypertext creation, compilation and viewing system in a small group. Half a year I lead a one-man group to develop a file mirroring software based on FTP. Part of the Chameleon suite. I also created several internally used interactive WEB-pages using HTML and CGI-BIN.
System administration: I lead the transition from a badly designed Novell network to an NT domain cross-connected with other offices world wide. The administrated local network was composed of several Intranet servers and more than 50 PCs each of them configured for three operating systems.
Automatization (build and bug tracking system): I implemented some major improvements to automate the time consuming tasks of the world wide build system and to improve the working environment of the engineers. Improved the common bug tracking system (DDTS) and the common version control system (PVCS) used by the company.
1993-1994 A contracted work at the R&D center of Digital ( (DEC) in Jerusalem, writing scripts for a quality control system.
1991-1992 Translations from Hebrew for the Hungarian Television (


1997 MBA in Finance and Information Systems (IS) at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1993  BSc. in Computer Sciences and Business Administration at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (
1986 Fazekas Mihály secondary school, Budapest, Hungary. (Special Math class.) (

Training courses

1995 Microsoft University: Supporting Windows NT Server.
Microsoft University: Administration of Windows NT Domains.
Novell CNA


Hungarian (mother tongue), Hebrew (very good), English (very good), German (poor), Spanish (poor)

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