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Sujani Reddy
Phone: 781-221-1630

Ø	Around 2 years of experience in Design, Development and Implementation of client/server, Internet, Intranet and Database applications.  
Ø	Strong in Relational Database Management System concepts in Oracle 7.x/8.x, MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0, MS Access.
Ø	Expertise in using Web Tools ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, ADO, ODBC, Active X Components and Visual InterDev. 
Ø	Good at Graphic User Interface based client/server environments Visual Basic 6.0.

Technical Skills
Programming languages	C, SQL, PL/SQL
Operating Systems 	             Windows 95,Windows NT
Databases 			SQL Server, Oracle 8.0/7.x and MS-Access.
Front Ends			Visual Basic 6.0/5.0.
Script Languages 		Java Script, VB Script
Web Servers 		 	Microsoft IIS
Web Site Design Tools             HTML, ASP ,Visual InterDev 1.0/6.0
Microsoft Technologies 	COM, Active X
Post Graduation Diploma in Management Information Systems & Computer Applications (MISCA)
Bachelor’s in Sciences

Projects Profile:

Project  # 1

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Information System (APTIS):
Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department                                      Jan‘00 to  Aug’00
Project Description: This product involves Client-Server and web based solutions. Client-Server solution deals with Reservation, Enquiry from various Service Provider Points (SPP) and kiosks at strategic locations, and other modules such as Service Creation & Provision, Financial Accounting, Catering & other related activities. Web based solution deals with On-line Reservation & Enquiry through the Internet and also involves creation and maintenance of website. Enquiry and Reservation modules involve maintenance of all the details pertaining to Guesthouses, Hotels, Package tours, Adventure & Sports, and Units. Immediate confirmed status of reservation will be provided through the Internet using e-commerce. It also includes Tour planner which advises the user to spend time more efficiently and effectively. The centralized database at HO consolidates all data from all SPPs. 


·	Established links between various modules. Identified various classes, their attributes and member functions as per Design provided.
·	Finalized table creation scripts for Enquiry and Reservation Module.
·	Used the advanced features of ADO in connecting to the oracle database. 
·	Developed stored procedures and triggers in PL/SQL. 
·	Designed and developed data transfer component for transfer of data between SPP and HO .
·	Integrated the Enquiry and Reservation System with other modules.

Environment	: Windows NT 4.0,Oracle 8.0,Visual Basic 6.0, IIS 4.0,ASP, VB Script, JavaScript

Project  # 2

Kamineni Health Care Corporation		April’99 to Dec’99
Trainee Evaluation System

Description:  Involved in the design development of Trainee Evaluation System. This package is developed to Test, Evaluate and place the aspiring and Trainee Medical Transcriptionists at its training and development center. It is divided into three modules namely Client module, Database module and Administration module. The client module mainly deals with the development of front-end screens using HTML.  The database module deals with storing of questions and generating them randomly to the user depending upon the subject the user chosen. The administration module deals with the security aspects.  The aspiring Medical Transciptionists are given a unique user name and password to take the test. 


·	Involved in collecting user requirements, analysis, and design, coding of the project and user acceptance.
·	Designed the User Interface using HTML.
·	Established back-end connectivity using ADO.
·	Generated screens on the fly based on user input by using Active Server Pages.

Environment: ASP, HTML, CSS, Java Script, ADO, Oracle, SQL and Windows NT.

Project  # 3

Administrative  Staff College Of India, India                                  Dec’98 to March’99
Information System for ASCI
Description: This system maintains and manages the complete information of Administrative Staff College Of India. The main task of the ASCI is to conduct various educative  programs for persons who are in leading organizations, works in various fields like finance, management, personal etc. ASCI  Advertises  about their programs(including Date, time and fee for the program)and interested employees of organizations apply for the program.  So this application helps in  storing details of educative programs, complete information about leading organizations and their employees who will attend the program. 


·	Development and testing of the UserInterface.
·	Database design.
·	Generation of reports.
·	Involved in the development of Procedures and triggers.

Environment:  Visual Basic 5.0, Oracle 7.1

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