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Over the past fifteen years, Henry Bradford managed projects and staff which architected, analyzed, designed, developed, controlled and implemented state-of-the-art ERP. He architected and led Business Intelligence (BI) applications, Strategic Enterprise (SEM), Business Planning and Simulation (BPS), Customer Relational Management (CRM) and SAP multi-dimensional Business Warehouse (BW) projects using all version of BW up through BW/SEM 3.5 and Netweaver 4.0. His accomplishments include managing teams delivering Multi-dimensional Modeling, BW/SEM Architecture, Relational / Object Databases on multiple platforms. He provided proactive support of Business needs, and delivered Business analytics and benefits to ensure Business requirements were satisfied. Client companies range from international, multi-national, the Fortune 500 Companies to Government Contractors and Government Agencies. He is a team player, works under pressure with tight deadlines and is results oriented. He has 12 years of Management experience, 8 years of Data Warehousing Architecture, 5+ years of SAP certified experience, 5 years of BW, 2 years of SEM (BPS, FOX, BCS, CPM), 1 year of CRM, as well as combined 5 years of BW interface to numerous SAP modules (FI, CO, HR, FM, FA, SD, MM, RE, EHS, APO, PCA, CCA, ECCS, IC, GL, AR, AP, COCCA, COPA, BASIS & ABAP). Henry has expert knowledge of SAP BW/SEM architecture and an ongoing awareness of SAP developments.

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·       Aspires in problem solving, initiative taking, time management and continuous skill enhancement.

·       Collaborates work independently or in a team.

·       Oriented to travel, teach, mentor and meet with customers in the sales cycle.

·       Deploys strategic planning, architecture, modeling, development, technical leads and administration.

·       Mastered experience in numerous operations, logistics, research, personnel management, finance, banking, customer satisfaction, inventory control, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing and ERP

·       Consummated ability to generate savings through innovative architecture and managing technology teams.

·       Empowered to evaluate profitability of projects and ensure financial aspects of business are properly handled.

·       Plans, organizes, directs and controls staff, as well as manages outsourced projects.

·       Resolves conflicts, allocating financial and human resources.

·       Handles negotiations with staff, management, vendors and public.

·       Persuasive, assertive, sensitive to influence behavior and displays understanding of people in stress situations.

·       Exceeds in oral and written communication skills.

·       Educated understanding of human behavior; able to interact with other people, internally and externally.

·       Ensures appropriate staffing requirements are met; interviews prospective employees, hires needed personnel, coordinates orientation, develops, trains, schedules and evaluates employees.

·       Aspired team player as well as taking primary control of end results through committing resources to achieve results by using authority to act, approve, and make decisions through directed management policies and broad direction on orientation of policy from top management.

·       Architecture, staffing and integration of a new data center for a Fortune 50 life insurance company.

·       Managed four departments for an Electric and Gas utility; Development, Forecasting, Finance, MIS.

·       Administration of bidding on fixed price contracts for consulting company and “management” of contracts won.

·       Architected and managed several bank mergers encompassing diverse vendor computer systems encompassing up to 15 states and assets up to 140 billion dollars.

·       Architect and manager for several SAP BW projects through full life cycle into production and Go-Live.

·       Senior Manager over “consulting architects” within a research division of a Global Technical Services (GTS).

·       Managed architecture integration of 45 major infrastructure projects each several million dollars.

·       Strategic planning architect of a global banking system for 47 countries; obtained $600M from the Board.

·       Managed a fixed price contract from the World Bank to architect, design and install a Federal Reserve System with European staff from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia.


SEM/BPS/CPM/BCS/FICO Info Sources / Functionality

Design, develop and implement Info Sources for BW and aggregation of BPS plan data.

Design BPS Planning Environment architecture with area, level, package and Fox functions.

Minimize BPS configuration expenses for Business planning, balance sheets, profits and sales.

Analyze BPS Budget Formulation with Top Down and Bottom up planning.

Implement BW Info Sources and mapping of CPM Balanced Scorecard Measures to Info Objects.

Developed CPM Value Drivers: Sales Growth, Op Margin, Cash Tax Rates, Working/Fixed Capital Investment

Consolidate BCS hierarchies, versions, and chart of accounts.

Develop test scenarios, customize data, and monitor BCS with Data and Consolidation Monitor.

Convert business requirements to functional specs and documentation for BCS posting.

Develop VBA Excel code for BCS drilldown reports, journals and report writer/painter.


BW/FICO Info Cube / Info Sources / Query Expertise

FI-AR Accounts Receivable, FI-AR Line Items, FI-AP Accounts Payable, FI-AP line items and Summary values, FI-AA Asset Accounting, FM Funds Management, CO-OM Overhead Cost Controlling, CO-OM-CCA Cost Center Accounting, Costs and Allocations, Statistical Key Figures, CO-PC Product Cost Controlling, CO-PA Published key Figures, ECCS Consolidation, SD Sales and Distribution, MM-PUR Purchasing, Groups and Vendor Evaluation.

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Feb’05 – Present, Federal government vendor for Missile Defense with clearance

SAP BW/SEM Performance and Tuning Architect, IS Aerospace and Defense

  • Performance and Tuning, analysis and development on SEM planning functions already in production.
  • Reshuffling Info Cube dimensions and using 5 line item dimensions reduced response from 8 min to 30 sec.
  • Implemented use of Aggregates; also investigated Info Cube physical segregation with ABAP exits.


Jan’05 – Feb’05, Cooper Industries, Georgia, Texas

SAP FI-AA, CO-PA, CO-CCA, CO-PC, MM, PP, IM-PS, BW/SEM Consultant, IS Manufacturing

  • Analysis and design of 104 Financial BW/SEM/BPS queries for planning, budgeting, business analytics.
  • Architect workbook hierarchies for Income Statements, Balance, Cash flows and other functionality.
  • Support included travel to multiple sites as well as remote VPN development.


Aug’04 – Dec’04, International Call Center and Outsourcing Company for ATT, Colorado

SAP CO, GL, CCA, PCA, ECCS, COPA, SD, BW/SEM Consultant, IS Communications

  • Full cycle architecture, design, develop, go-live and Prod support BW Bex, WAD, SEM BPS, and CPM.
  • Design, develop and implement 17 SD online queries for real-time reporting.
  • Implement BW Info Sources and mapping of Balanced Scorecard Measures to Info Objects.
  • Developed Value Drivers: Sales Growth, Op Margin, Cash Tax Rates, Working/Fixed Capital Investment
  • Worked with Executives and Users to integrate Value Based Management architecture, Balanced Scorecard, Portfolio Management, Activity Based Management, and Target Costing
  • Linked strategy planning to operational target BW web reporting BW/CO, GL, CCA, PCA, ECCS and SD.


May’04 – Jul’04, Heritage Technology for Johnson Polymers and DHL, Wisconsin, Arizona

SAP SD, BW/SEM Consultant, IS Manufacturing and IS Delivery

  • Two short assignments doing Architectural assessments and delivery of Global rollout plans for 70+ countries covering R3, BW, Bex, Web Reporting, SD, and SEM BPS.
  • Strategize architecture of Global Reporting via the Web from a single Global BW/SEM instance scalable upwards to three Global instances that serve 3 Global regions and synchronize and rollback their postings with each other for regional fail safe backup and 365x24x7 online and near-real-time service.
  • Rollout plans included, hardware, human resources, software, project plans, budget, load leveling, etc.


Jan’04 – Apr’04, Federal government agency with Secret clearance

SAP FM, CO, PS, MM, SD, BW/SEM Consultant, IS Public Sector

  • Architectural assessment of SEM BPS Budget Formulation Bottom up planning, FOX, ABAP exits.
  • Cross training exercise of SEM BPS Budget Formulation Top down planning, FOX and ABAP exits.
  • Conducted research and user interfacing for operations go live scenario, BW/BPS 3.5.
  • Developed 140 page architect report analyzing five BPS prototypes developed for the Budget Office. Requirements gathering required interviewing users, management and developers involved in proto-typing.
  • Operational support for Core Finance and customers of the agency.
  • Analyzed and developed modeling changes as well as Web queries for Funds management.

Original content authored by Henry Bradford BwSem2005-06@Yahoo.com +1-602-920-4742 gmt-7:00

Oct’03 – Dec’03, Rockwell Collins, Iowa

SAP FICO, SM, QM, BW Architect, IS Aerospace and Defense

  • BW project required enterprise architecture assessment and design to retire legacy SM and QM.
  • BW and BEX team/lead architect for an assembled “Tiger Team” group of twelve end-client employees that were experts in Service Management SM and Quality Management QM.
  • Managed extensive research and user interfacing for an SM & QM info cube modeling architecture.
  • Conducted BEX training to 12 end client staff with integrated VB macros, use of hierarchies, web, etc.
  • Assembled a report catalog of 176 required queries/reports needed for Service and Quality operations. Extensive interviewing of Field users, their supervisors and super-users distilled the required queries. Refinement was done iteratively in joint application design sessions weighting and ranking iteratively.
  • Designed and conducted management presentations on required enterprise architecture and rollout.


Jul’03 – Sep’03, Wells Fargo Bank Real Estate Subsidiary, California and several states

SAP FICO, FA, RE, PS, PCA, GL, SD, SEM BCS, BW Team Lead, IS Real Estate

  • Managed BW 3.2 architect team for BW/BEX/Real Estate group of end clients and SAP employees.
  • Managed and created project plans, standards, landscapes, transports, two RE info cubes and web queries.
  • BW 3.2 Architect on a second project SEM/BCS consolidation of business entities with contract staff.
  • Consolidate BCS hierarchies, versions, and chart of accounts.
  • Develop test scenarios, customize data, and monitor BCS with Data and Consolidation Monitor.
  • Convert business requirements to functional specs and documentation for BCS posting.
  • Develop VBA Excel code for BCS drilldown reports, journals and report writer/painter.
  • Worked with users and analysts to define a catalog of some 350 BEX reports and custom queries. These were determined by analyzing R3 logs of which R3 reports were accessed the most by user staff.
  • Data element and R/3 4.6 & BW 3.2 custom object analysis for dimension analysis and design.
  • Designed and developed architecture with logical data models, Info cubes and Multi cubes for Fixed Assets FA, Project Systems PS, Profit Center Accounting PCA, General Ledger GL and Sales and Distribution SD.


Dec’02 – Jun’03, Alaris Medical Life Science Company, California and 14 countries

SAP FICO, CRM, APO, HR, SEM, BW Architect, IS Life Science

  • BW team manager/architect for BW group of four end-client employees, one with prior experience.
  • BW project is a new version 3.1 installation supporting R/3 Enterprise 4.7, HR, SEM 3.1, APO, 3.1, CRM, 3.0, KM and Portals 5.0+, Web queries and reporting for a Global roll-out in 14 countries. Previous architecture running on various 3rd party products (Hyperion, and Business Objects) integrated with an old version R/3. Architecture analysis and Blueprinting of SEM BPS planning to replace legacy systems.
  • Architected, analyzed, planned, documented Business Process Flows, Blueprinting, Custom enterprise-wide business requirements. Integration of SEM/CRM/APO by feeding “Market Growth” from SEM Market Analysis to CRM Sales Planning; by feeding “Market Sales Quantity” from CRM to APO Demand Planning; by optimizing “Supply Chain” within APO; by feeding “Logistics Sales Quantities” from APO Supply Network Planning to SEM Profitability Analysis; then re-iterating the integration loop.
  • Developed comprehensive MS Project task plans for all BW/SEM/BPS tasks and resources. Starting structure was ASAP methodology, and customized architecture from there.
  • Developed architecture standards and procedures, including development design templates, functional and technical documentation, 3rd party product Infopack, and object naming standards, landscape(s), transports, roles, authorizations, sandbox, RFC’s, BW, HR and SEM BPS design guidelines.
  • Developed training presentation for staff of “do’s and don’ts” of BW architecture and design.
  • Advised and designed an architectural infrastructure to support legacy and third party Data Warehouses (such as Business Objects and Crystal Enterprise) into the new SAP landscape.


Aug ’02 – Nov’02, Sigma Aldrich, Missouri, Germany and Switzerland

SAP EHS, MM, BW/SEM Functional/Technical, IS Chemical/ Biotech/ Pharmacy

  • BW 3.0b Architect, Functional and Technical on a new implementation utilizing closed-loop analytics architecture between SEM 3.1, BW 3.0b and Sales and Distribution (SD) for auto pricing of biotech products.
  • Developed and interfaced BW/SEM retractors with R3 for write backs in closed loop updates.
  • Analysis and architectural implementation of Basis / Web Application Server (WAS 6.20) security and authorization implementation of BW 3.0b developer roles and SEM BPS on multiple international instances and landscapes with use of Profile Generator and custom SAP authorization objects.
  • Architectural design of a biotech catalog system that accesses via the web, technical detail and pricing for 400+ competitor biotech companies. Materials were stored on a Material Master, (MM) within an Environmental Health & Safety, (EHS) global instance.
  • Architecture, analysis and design of a bi-directional Cross Matching system between in-house bio-chemical materials and bio-chemical materials from 400+ competitors. Architected design involved cross-matching the Pricing department, Call Center Staff and global Product managers who accessed a global instance.
  • ETL mapping of all catalog material fields for input from 400+ competitors into BW and SEM BPS.
  • Architectural analysis of multiple legacy systems utilizing mainframe, Oracle, and Access databases.
  • Architected a BW/SEM/BPS global landscape for five sister companies in the USA, Germany and Switzerland to be accessed over the web by affiliated offices in 30 countries.

Original content authored by Henry Bradford BwSem2005-06@Yahoo.com +1-602-920-4742 gmt-7:00

Apr’02 – Aug’02, Federal government Department of Defense with Secret clearance

SAP BW/SEM Functional, IS Public Sector, IS Aerospace and Defense

  • BW 3.0b and SEM 3.0 functional, analyzing Integrated Scenarios and process flows of all US weapon systems used by all US military forces domestic and overseas.
  • Analysis and documentation of specifications to build SEM transaction cubes to support the pricing and budget process for weapon systems including definition of ETL jobs for the above landscape.
  • Multiple extractions from legacy files and SD, CO, COCCA, COPA, MM and APO.
  • BPS simulation, math formulations, and VB for SEM/BPS/BW/BEX interfaces.
  • Analysis and specification of Crystal Reports 8.5 derived from custom info cubes.


Jan’02 – Apr’02, Rexam Manufacturing, Illinois and England

Lead SAP BW Consultant, IS Manufacturing

  • BW lead resource to configure 16 delivered cubes in BW 3.0a and 6 custom cubes for Sales Forecasting, Shipments, Sales provisioning, Inventory, Dunnage, etc.
  • Analysis of blueprinting of scope for 111 delivered and 56 custom BEX queries and ETL of the landscape.
  • Multiple ODS’s extracting from flat files, SD, PCA, PP, IC, COPA, MM, and FI.
  • Analysis and custom design of BEX queries converted from Lawson, Cognos, and Paradigm.


Aug’01 – Jan’02, Kuboda Corporation, California and Japan

Senior SAP BW Consultant, IS Manufacturing Heavy Equipment

  • BW technical resources to architect, design, create go-live custom cubes to support Warranty Claims System for equipment manufacturer.
  • Supported SEM Business Consolidation (BCS) and Corporate Performance (CPM).
  • Evaluated BW 3.0a architecture, features and functionality as well as Crystal Reports 8.0 – 8.5 developments.
  • Provided analysis and custom design of 37 BEX queries (BW 2.0b / R3 4.6d) converted from 3rd party Brio on an AS400 landscape utilizing DB2/400.


May’01 – Aug’01, ASM Lithography, Netherlands

SAP SD, BW Consultant, IS High Tech Electronics

  • BW design, create, go-live custom cubes to support FI and SD history and forecasts.
  • Supported production instances, performed maintenance, transports, and data loads.
  • Architected, designed, coded, tested, transported, go-live, 14 BEX queries with Visual Basic exit programs so that I created a new front-end presentation BW GUI for executives and CEO.
  • Supported SEM development of Business Planning and Simulation (BPS).
  • Implementation, recording and evaluating aggregated plan data, SEM data collection and BW.
  • SEM Planning environment, with area, level, package, function, and manual.
  • Workflow scenarios, Business Workflow, work item analysis, customizing, logs.
  • BPS Planning Applications, balance sheet, profit, sales, inventory and liquidity.

Original content authored by Henry Bradford BwSem2005-06@Yahoo.com +1-602-920-4742 gmt-7:00

Dec’99 – May’01, Avnet, Novantus, Arizona, California, Germany, France and England

SAP FI, ABAP, BW Consultant, IS Electronics Distribution

  • Senior technical resource for BW 2.1 to design and create 10+ custom cubes to support FI and BEX.
  • Extracted Meta/master data and transaction data. Wrote complex transfer and update rules.
  • Configured, loaded LIS tables, setup Meta and master transfers, activated info objects, sources and cubes.
  • Assisted in Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), project plan and architecture for SAP BW 2.0b. Landscape had 11 UNIX instances supporting warehouse operations in 30 countries.
  • Operational, Analytical and Collaborative experience in mySAP CRM. Custom CRM applications were architected and developed to support phone, fax, email and WAP. Server side mySAP CRM applications allowed web access to customer data allowing collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners.


Jul’96 – Dec’99, Multiple Financial End-Clients, Several Midwest States

SAP FI, SD, ABAP, BW Consultant, IS Banking

  • BW1.2 info cube design with SD, Sales, KPI’s, aggregates, and data loads; ABAP development.
  • Architecture, implementation and management of several US bank mergers encompassing diverse vendor computer systems over 15 states and assets up to 140 billion US dollars. Three of these bank mergers I architected, developed, tested and went go-live by myself.


Apr’89 – Jul’96, Global Tech Services, ANZ and VUB, Australia, New Zealand and E. Europe

Senior Consultant, IS Banking

  • Managed 15 staff on Gateways architecture and development at sites in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Architected, strategically planned ER enterprise models, and managed the prototyping of a global banking system for rollout and operations in 47 countries. Design included distributed Oracle Enterprise systems, integrated with Artificial Intelligence, and distributed graphics for ID.
  • Architected and managed a fixed price contract from the World Bank to architect, design, develop and install a Federal reserve banking system operating in five languages and fifteen currencies for an Eastern European country.

Original content authored by Henry Bradford BwSem2005-06@Yahoo.com +1-602-920-4742 gmt-7:00


BS Math, BS Physics, BA Psych, MBA Work

Certifications from: American Bankers Association, Arthur Anderson, Hogan Banking, IBM, Kepner Tregoe Planning, Microsoft, Oracle, Principles of Negotiation, and SAP

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