Gerald F. Conklin, Principal

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IT Planning & Development / Systems Design & Implementation / Process Improvement

Fast track professional, successful in the design, development and deployment of technology strategies and policy. Led IS, operations and teams through all phases of large-scale technology rollout including cost analysis planning, vendor selection and acquisition. Diverse background includes extensive knowledge of process improvement and seamless integration of emerging technologies in a large user community. Solid combination of technological knowledge, management skills, and extensive accomplishments in management, design, development and deployment of mission‑critical computer software systems. Expert knowledge of ISO 9000, SEI CMM/CMMI, and IEEE Standards.

Memberships & Certifications

· Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE

· Association for Computing Machinery ACM

· Certified Project Management Instructor CBP

Links to Online Data:

· IEEE Requirements Paper Part I · IEEE Requirements Paper Part II · IEEE Book Review

· Agile Manifesto · Software Guild Listing



Skill Summary

· Project Planning & Tracking


· Real-Time Systems

· Risk Management

· IBM Mainframes

· Software Test Automation


· Basic Assembler

· C, C++, C Script, Java



· PL/I

· Fortran



Professional Experience

Software HarvestTime (1995 - Present)

Principal Consultant

Consultant for software development organizations; providing team leadership and management guidance to improve software development processes in order to achieve a more efficient production cycle. Focus on capability to produce high quality software on time and within budget

Assist in all aspects of initial financing and challenged with the development and deployment of client corporate technology infrastructure and applica1ions. Have led organizational improvement from SEI-SW CMM Level 1 to Level 2 & Level 3. Member of many SEI assessment teams.

Rogue Community College

Instructor in Project Management.

TRW System I & T Group (1992‑1995)

Senior Engineer/Scientist

Vendor selection, acquisition and installation of COTS test products. Training and support of a large UNIX‑based development effort utilizing C++ with the Booch‑Rumbaugh Object Modeling Technique and ClearCase for CM.

Developed an application wrapper for McCabe's Visual Test ToolSet for generation of test coverage and software complexity metrics. Training and support of staff of 100+ software engineers.

UNISYS (Formerly SDC) (1980‑1992)

Principal Investigator & Senior Project Manager

Led research and, development of Computer‑Aided Software Test (CAST) tools and methodologies. Conceived, and led team development of a CAST package, DARTS, to automate test conduct and evaluation for the USAF Satellite Control Network ground control software.

Recognition: Multi-Year UNISYS Achievement Awards for Technological Excellence. IRAD funding for software test automation product, DARTS, a bid discriminator for $100 million C&DP contract award. Author and Speaker: Wrote and presented original papers reporting the results of IRAD work in Software Test Automation at International Engineering Conferences in Washington D.C. and London.

Facility Manager

Mission Control Complex ground station testing and development laboratory in support of USAF Satellite Control Network operations.

Initial planning, vendor selection, acquisition and configuration of hardware and software for large IBM mainframe facility. Staffed, managed, developed Annual operating Plan, Risk Management and Change Control Procedures and Performance Measurement Strategy.

S/W Engineering Manager

TAOC‑85: a mobile, air defense system for the USMC to provide real-time radar processing and combat support.

As Deputy Program Manager, responsible for all aspects of mission-critical system from inception to deployment including budget control.


Brooklyn College� BA, Liberal Arts

Georgetown University Graduate School� (MS Coursework Completed)


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