Lawrence Maturo

12209 Arrowwood Drive	
Austin, Texas 78727		


Information Technology/Applications Development/
Computer Interface/Digital Signal Processing/
Integration Software/Methodology Engineering/

Broad professional accomplishment in high technology 
and manufacturing with such notable organizations as 
General Electric and Motorola, coupled with Federal 
Government project work relating to DOD and NASA.  

Recognized as a problem solver and builder from 
concept to completion. 

Experience includes project management, operations, 
engineering, telecommunications, software development and
semi-conductors. Multiple Patent holder.

- Designed software framework for RAD reducing 
  project length 67% for Motorola

- Received patent through creation of high-level 
  API deployed on International Space Station

- Customized software and synchronized multi-site 
  databases for Motorola

- Developed patented process automatically detecting 
  hot spots in circuits for Motorola

- Designed and implemented first coastal mapping 
  software within six months for Federal Government

Key technical proficiencies: Experienced 
  Delphi/Pascal, C, C++, C#, Java, Modula-2, 
  Ada, Fortran, and Perl Programmer.  UML, 
  Software Process, Object Oriented Design, 
  Defect Tracking, Source Code Control, SLIM 
  Project Estimation, DEC VMS, Unix, Windows, 
  and Embedded Real-Time OS Development 

Special strengths:  Transforming complex 
technical concepts into easily understood 
terms...analyzing users' real needs and creating 
solid technical solutions...managing difficult 
projects to successful completion.

MSCS, Kennedy-Western University. BS, Electrical 
Engineering University of Texas, Austin. Senior 
Member of Institute of Electrical & Electronics 
Engineers. ACM, Austin Delphi User's Group 
(Current President) 


Designed IC framework for RAD reducing project 
length 67% for Motorola. Client required evaluation 
kits to debug new Integrated Circuitry (IC) and to 
aid in design-in for potential customers. Created 
software framework for evaluation kit development. 
Achieved better than 60% reuse of code and reduced 
project length from six months to two months.

Received patent through creation of high-level 
API deployed on International Space Station 
(ISS). High tech client required software driver 
for PCMICA card they were developing.  
Researched existing commercially available 
universal drivers. Designed Application 
Programming Interface (API) allowing customer 
interface capabilities, selected for use of the 
Customized software and synchronized multi-site 
databases for Motorola.  Client required 
tracking software that could be used by team 
members working in United States and EMEA. 
Researched and analyzed commercially available 
software applications. Managed configuration of 
software, licensing and global deployment of 

Developed patented process automatically 
detecting hot spots in circuits for Motorola. 
Client's current detection procedure took six 
months and produced hundreds of megabytes of 
data requiring extensive intervention by 
engineers. Created add-on to existing simulator 
within two weeks reducing detection cycle time 
to 15 Minutes.

Designed and implemented industry's first 
coastal mapping software within six months, used 
by Federal Government.  Agency required ability 
to map coastlines without disembarkation ashore 
and erecting radio towers to triangulate.  
Managed program tying GPS receiver to sonar 
system, enabling vessels to map shorelines in 
real time.


Principal, Maturo Consulting, 2003 to present. 
Independent contractor providing clients with
objective analysis and recommendations on their 
software requirements and problems. Providing
consultation, software development, and advice 
in both the business and technology areas.  

Managing Consultant, Athens Group, 1999 to 2003. 
Provided requirements gathering and system 
design and complex custom applications for 
employee owned consulting firm. Managed software 
implementation projects, systems development 
lifecycle, strategic technology planning and 
test plans for such clients as Motorola.

Senior Consultant, Renaissance World Wide, 1993 
to 1999. Managed information systems 
applications and procedures, ensured compliance 
with policies, procedures, and best practices. 
Verified accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness 
of controls over systems. Audited existing and 
systems under development for adequate controls. 

Earlier: Project Manager, Applied Research 
Laboratory, for privately held Federal 
Government contracting agency.  

Earlier: Project Manager, GE, for this $133B global 
manufacturing company. 

Member number:8776
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