6051 Maggie's Circle  Unit 4

Jacksonville, Florida  32244

Email: kfreeman11@comcast.net

CELL: 904 233 2373

Kent R. Freeman                 

Use of .NET, C#, VB6, COM+, MTS, SOAP, MSMQ, ASP and XML/XSLT in web services, distributed programming design and deployment.  Object orientated programming following Windows DNA and .Net architecture design concepts.


Experience Summary:

                Visual Basic, Other Basic and 4GL – 15+ years

                C#, VB.Net, ADO.Net – 2 years

                Delphi – 2 years

                C++ - 2 years

                Pascal – 2 years

XML – 4 years

                HTML – 8+ years

IIS/ASP – 8+ years

                SQL, TSQL and PL/SQL 12 years

                SQL Server/Oracle/DB2 – 12 years

                .NET – 2.5 years

                DCOM/MTS/COM+ - 12 years

System Configuration  - 15+ years

                VB Install, Installshield, Wise – 8+ years

                Project Management – 15+ years

                Software Sales/Support – 15+ years

                Crystal versions from 4 thru XI – 10+ years



Perm. 9/1/2001 – 8/1/2005, Equential Technologies, Inc., Wichita, Ks.

Purchased by ICS, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

Lead Programmer, Middleware Architect


 Design and analysis of middle tier components using C#, VB.Net, VB6, COM+, MSMQ and SQL Server 2000.   Queued Components and COM+ Events integrated in Win 2000 component services model.  Also designing versions for Win NT 4.0, MTS 2.0, MSMQ 1.0.  Role based security integration and programmatic context objects.

 Extensive Crystal XI for .Net for customer reporting user interface as well as middleware servers.

 Five Tier DNA design incorporating UI, User Services statefull in-proc services, out of proc stateless COM+ servers with Queued components, Data Services layer and SQL Server Database.

 ADO/OLEDB, ADO.Net connections for disconnected and XML MS Schema recordsets.

 UI provides web and Win32 clients interfaces via XML data services from the n tier system and database.

 User Services layer provides client dependant statefull libraries, XML Translation, Crypto API and ADS Security Utilities.

 Out of process servers situated on the server in COM+ provide Business Rule specific services for all users.  XML MS Schema recordsets and other user specific XML strings as a response client requests.  Migration of current VB6 middle tier to Web Services via .Net.

 Data Layer provides data in XML Schema or class instance based on table designs.  One-Way-In/Out  provides a security gateway for users and objects making data requests.  One class isolation of database connections, security context and transactions.

 Secure and fail safe long running transactions interop to JDEdwards and other ERP systems.  Interaction with many different DB OS including, DB2, Informix, MAS, TimerLine, Oracle and JDEdwards Interop to name a few.

 Responsibilities include design and architecture of UI, Middle Tier and  database architecture.  Code generation of middle tier data layer business object components.  Application, Middle Tier and DBA coding.

 .Net C#, VB.Net Interop of COM, .Net, Windows2K and Win2003.  Customize CRM and ERP interfaces to J.D. Edwards, MAS, Timberline and various other proprietary products.


Contract 4/23/2001 – 8/15/2001, Shell Offshore, Inc., New Orleans, LA.


 Proprietary Web Reports Server coding and configuration.  Delivers HTML compliant Charts and various reports to IIS.  Uses various MSOffice products and proprietary code to deliver HTML.  Best web reporting I have seen in years.

 Design and analysis of middle tier components for distribution across Shell Oil enterprise network comprising of several hundred servers.

Various class, object and action diagrams in Visio 2000.  Irwin data base modeling.

 Migration of existing module level DCOM code running  under MTS to COM+.   Solving Marshalling, Security and context issues.  Modifying DCOM servers for stateless operation under COM+.

 Design, analysis and implementation of n-tier Web and DNA solutions.


Contract 12/11/2000 – 4/23/2001, MortgageFlex Systems, Inc., Jacksonville, Fl.

Visual Basic 6, InterDev, JavaScript, ASP, XML, VBScript, IIS4.0, MTS, ADO, COM+, UML

 On-Line Mortgage Broker interface for managing consumer mortgage applications.  Shown as Loan Quest – Broker/Lender package at mortgageflex.com.

n tier dev., Thin Client, User Services, Business Layer, Data Layer, Oracle 8 and SQLServer backend database servers.  Client IE 5.5 is JavaScript,  HTML iFrame.  XML/XSL data transport with middle tier server side VB6 and C++ components.  Design of Object Context and Object Control principals as implemented in COM+ in Windows2000. 

 Use Case user requirements collection and various collaboration diagrams.

 Specific duties were design and analysis of middle tier components including Crystal report engine via VB6 COM+ server to ASP server script.  Using ADO disconnected recordsets and TTX data definition files to rptserver.asp using zero-client options with Crystal 8.0 RDC to produce HTML only reporting.

Other middle tier components include XML/XSL Handlers for client to database queries and recordset transfer.


Contract 8/7/00 – 10/13/00,  PPG Chemical, Lake Charles, La.

Visual Basic 6, Oracle PL/SQL, Message Server

n tier dev., Statefull/stateless COM servers.  Extensive Object Library Development.

ADO – ODBC - OLEDB Oracle 7.3/8 servers.  PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers, sequences. 

Crystal reporting using version 7.


Contract 1/2000 –11/23/00, Entergy Power Auth., Nuclear Division, Russellville, Ark.

Visual Basic 6, Oracle PL/SQL, UML Human Performance System for OSHA and NRC compliance.

 Application 3 tier dev., COM - DCOM servers using ADO 2.1.

ADO – ODBC - OLEDB to switchable Oracle/MS SQL Server back ends.  WAN is multi-homed in power plant sites where application needs capability to work with both Oracle 7.3 and MS SQL Server 7.  Involving scripting, stored procedures, triggers on both.

 Use Case user requirements and collaboration diagrams.

 Extensive object classes enable scalable framework for future application growth.

 SMTP Emails notifications via Winsock.

 Extensive Crystal reporting using version 7.


Contract 8/1998-12/1999 Retail Solution Providers, L.L.C. Kansas City, Mo.
Visual Basic 5 – 6, SQL Server 6.5/7 MSAccess 97, IIS 3/4 ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Lead Programmer

 Programmed cash register software package for PC’s driving various peripherals, incl. Credit/Debt Card processing and Scanner/Scales, etc.
 Introduction of POS advertising via HTML controls existing display systems.
Mission critical register operates in server-up/server-down situation. Standard executables in 3 tier env., Local and Remote ActiveX DLL’s some Multi-Tier with 3rd party OPOS, Crystal, PDQComm. 

 Responsibilities include software design, analysis and integration of developed software for operational Register, Administrative Backend, SQL Server (Including, stored procedures, triggers, DB table structure, optimization, etc.) Electronic Funds Transfer Interface, Security DCOM Monitor,  automated complete hands free SQL Server 6.5 install, TLOG perpetual archives, Multi-Store Business coordination (intranet interface), various add-on packages (including, Manufacture Price integration, special purpose reports) on-site disaster recovery and remote service.

 Company Web Master, web designer and programmer.

 SQL Server DB devel. via Jet DAO, ODBC and ADO, COM/DCOM data classes and SQLOLE - DMO.
 Software Package includes Register, Managers Station, Credit/Debit Gateway and Server.
 Client/Server, WinNT/Win98 NetBEUI/TCP network configuration.

InstallShield 5.5 install sets, platform specific dependency determination.

 Version Control Visual Source Safe 5.0 and 6.0, software release version control, debug monitoring controls over VPN/RAS remote accessed source code database.

Contract 4/1/1999 - 8/13/99 Capital Asset Research Corporation,

Visual Basic 5 - 6, Sybase, MSAccess 97, Database Conversions/Code Migration.

 Visual Basic, ODBCDirect, ADO – OLEDB, development using Access local database and Sybase backend. 

 Extensive reporting for various needs including database integrity, interim financial reports, Y2K compliance.

 Importing and interpretation of multi Legacy databases from various offices across the country from flat file, MSAccess/SQL Server 6.5 data to PowerBuilder/Sybase System 11database applications.


Contract 1/1998-7/1998 IBM/State Farm/Manpower State of Kansas Contract Employment State Farm Workstation Project

 Scripting and network configuration of workstations in State Farm Insur. Offices.

 Initial software training and hardware support on Tokin Ring Client/Server network.

 Travel throughout Kansas and Oklahoma.


1995-1997 Quicklook International Melbourne, Fl. Coordinator/Programmer Software Development Team

Visual Basic 4, VBScript, JavaScript

 Visual Basic 4, Delphi 2, Interfaces with MSAccess databases. Image processing of GIF,JPG and Video for Windows on IIS WinNT web server.
 Design, analysis and development of software to capture images and video for transfer and integration onto internet web site.
 Dynamic HTML, VBScript and JavaScript HTML regeneration to integrate images and information. Locations included PipeLine,
Hawaii, Melbourne Beach and Sebastian Inlet, Florida.

1995-1997 Lab Coordinator Brevard Community College, Melbourne, Fl.  
 Supervised and scheduled student assistants.
Configured seven computer labs Windows NT and Win 95 Clients, Mac, Apple and Digital Pathworks client/server environments.
 Client/Server scripting for fast client rebuild/change out control.

 Tutor and fill in instruction to various computer language classes.

1982-1997 Self Employed Merritt Island and Stuart, Fl.
Independent Computer Programmer and Support Individual

 Visual Basic 3/4, MSAccess, SQL Server and Delphi programming
 Peer to Peer Networking and Client/Server
 DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows95 and Windows NT Configurations
 Internet Web Development and Intranet applications

Professional Associations

ICCA – Independent Computer Consultants Association http://www.icca.org

Software Consultants Guild http://scguild.com


Professional Notes
My professional development has included Visual Basic 3, 4, 5 and 6, Delphi 1, 2 and 4 programming languages. My database experience includes Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, MSAccess, dBase, FoxPro, DataEase, ISAM, flat file databases and console to Windows NT applications. I enjoy object orientated distributed designs - Windows DNA, ActiveX, COM/DCOM programming and familiar with the latest techniques.  Projects that I direct design use extensive class implementation with local and remote, statefull and stateless COM/DCOM servers running in MTS or COM+ using MSMQ, Queued components and COM+ events.  My preferred application design is Windows DNA Architecture.  Thin ASP/JavaScript client or Client/Server GUI to VB heavy middle tier under MTS or COM+ and ADO/OLEDB/XML to the data layer and Oracle or SQL Server back-end.  Middleware I design and implement use Security Context, Object Context and DTC Transactions.  Object programming is my pursuit to benefit all concerned, be it end user or the programmers who follow me.  To have a properly laid up object model both in code and database makes the difference between a nightmare and positive experience for clients and programmers.  Although object model can be complicated, my programming style is one of simplicity if possible. Goal objectives are expedient completion of the project, without compromising quality. My most valuable skills are intuition, experience and common sense.


I have operated primarily as a contract programmer. Most, if not all of my sales, application design, analysis, hardware purchases, and software support I did myself. This has given me a great advantage of being able to handle client relations properly including software development, installation and support. I am a believer in the premise that the programmer should be in the loop of client relations during development and support if the individual has the aptitude.


I have worked in Client/Server environments using Unix, Windows 2000, WinNT3.51/4.0, Win3.11/95/98 Server/Client and Intranet networking. Accomplished in software/hardware technical support and enjoy dealing with customers in difficult situations and demanding needs.

1995-1996 Brevard Community College Melbourne, Fl.
Specialized training in Computer Science.
 Borland C++, Visual Basic 4.0 computer languages and RDBM, SQL. Databases.


Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, March 4, 2003

CR: 2907535

Personal Information: I am male, 47 years old and available for relocation.

Involvement with multi-tier environments, leading technologies and very happy customers.



Updated 8/2005