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Mike Ekberg			emike@bigfoot.com 	415-863-1716(h)
RLO CONSULTING,INC.		http://rloc.biz		650-380-6065(c)
1727 Page St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
U.S. Pat. 5,977,001.		B.S. California State University, Chico, Computer Science,
				M.A. American University


Seeking contract position in application, systems, or web/tool development or management. 



RLO Consulting specializes in developing large scale highly parallel
verification environments that are individually tailored to our client's
needs. Wide experience in:
	- Task automation via Perl/makefile/SCM scripting
	- Web design tools
	- Database design, implementation
	- Open source tools and development
	- Perl/C/C++ programming
	- Linux/Unix expert
	- Installation, enhancement, automation and maintenance 
  	  of SW configuration management tools
Representative projects :
  	April 2009 – present 
  	Design and development of package of legal discovery tools to
  	automatically extract information from disk drives and provide
  	access to litigators using a custom designed website and tool set
  	using Perl, PHP, MySQL and various open source tools, running on
  	a LAMP/Ubuntu web server.

  	January 2006 – April 2009 	Verification Support for Microsoft XBOX
  	Responsible for porting Verilog/C++ Xbox graphics Linux-based
  	64-bit verification environment from GNU GCC 2.9.5 to GCC 3.3.5.
  	Verification environment has 100,000+ files, including 30,000+
  	test cases in C++.  RTDA Flowtracer SW for parallel job
  	submission on 100+ Opteron Linux CPUs. Enhanced Makefile/Perforce
  	SCM build system. Created build/release protocol to synchronize
  	chip and test environment between Microsoft and IBM development
  	teams, using Perforce and Perl scripts.

  	April 2001 – January, 2002 	Verification and Customer Support for iReady Corporation
	ASIC verification and prototype creation. Ran regressions,
  	released netlists, ran design tools. 

 	 Apr 2001 – Sep 2001 		Verification for Microsoft Corporation’s WebTV Division
  	Verification of 3D graphic’s portion of next-generation Ultimate
  	TV set top box. Testing of Verilog simulation of ASIC Hardware.
  	Enhanced simulation/regression environment.  Covermeter coverage


Sr. Verification Engineer/Manager/Director, iReady Corporation
 	Verification engineer/manager/director for a small Internet  	
 	startup designing and testing hardware implementation of a
 	network stack using TCP/IP/PPP/Ethernet protocols. 

Sr. Manager, Verification, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
 	Verification manager for very large workstation graphics 
 	accelerator project of 100+ engineers. 

Simulation Lead, NVIDIA, Inc.
 	Design and development of multiple stream, Verilog and 
 	C-based graphics verification environment. 

Senior Product Development Engineer, Cirrus Logic, Inc.
 	Wrote a clock-cycle accurate C++ simulator for Windows
 	accelerator display pipeline.

Hardware Manager 1, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
 	Managed the design, development and verification of several  	
 	successful graphics hardware accelerators.

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