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 					Mohit Garg
Professional experience
·	Over 7 years experience in Information Technology industry including various application areas in information management systems, product cataloguing systems. 
·	Extensive experience in developing E-commerce, internet/intranet and client/server applications using C++, C, VC++, ATL, MFC, OOPS, COM/DCOM, COM+ (MSMQ, MTS, Queued components, Events) CGI, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, VBScript, HTML, XML, DHTML.
·	Strong in Object Oriented Analysis.
·	Experience in implementing the DCOM server for web application on the Internet by Using Active Server Pages.
·	Experienced in all phases of software development life cycle – Project Analysis, Requirements (Functional and non-functional), Project Scheduling using MS Project, Quality Control, and Process Development.
·	Also has good knowledge of Sybase, Oracle and MS Access .An enthusiastic and project-oriented team player with solid communication and leadership skills to develop creative solutions for challenging client needs. 
Industry Experience
·	Fidelity Investments, Inc	Sr. Programmer Analyst		June 00- Present
·	Satellite Dialysis Center, Inc	Sr. Programmer			Sept 99- June00

Technical Skills
Operating Systems	Windows 2000, WIN NT 4.0, WIN’ 95, Sun Solaris UNIX, MSDOS 6.22
RDBMS	Sybase XI, Oracle 8i/7.X, MS Access 2000, Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5,
Development Tools	C++, C, C#, VC++, MFC, ATL, Visual Basic6.0, COM\DCOM, and ASP, Pascal
Database Experience	Transact-SQL, Data Transfer Service (DTS), Oracle SQL Navigator, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS
Web Technologies	ASP, JavaScript, XML and HTML
Designing Tool	Visual Studio, Rational Rose 4.0, Erwin 3.5,Visual source Safe 5.0

·	Master in Computer Applications
·	BS In Electronics
Professional Experience:

Jun 2000 – Present
Client:	Fidelity Investments, Marlboro			Sr. Programmer Analyst
FIRSCo, Fidelity Investments Company deals with the institutional retirement Services. Was responsible for development of the front-end view and administrative module pages using ASP (use of CSS is one of the features) and ActiveX Controls using VB. Was involved in development of the middleware components, which consisted of all the business logic, using C++, ATL, and MFC. Both the interfaces interact with the Application server, which in turn connects to Business server. Business Server makes requests to the mainframe server, which in turn connects to the Database Server. It also associates to Sybase server on Sun Solaris server for logging as well as performance tuning of the servers. Worked mainly on the Server side of the application where state of the art components are built.
Responsibilities: -
·	Involved in full life cycle of the project. Analyze the requirements (Functional and Non-Functional). Created specification for development.
·	Developed front-end screens using Active X controls using Visual Basic 6.0
·	Developed all the middleware components, which consisted of all the business logic, using C++ and ATL. 
·	Developed various applications in COM to test the Load balancing, high availability and maximum throughput of the server.
·	Written UNIX shell scripts for testing the application and writing the SQL queries for Sybase database. Cron tabs used to automate the routine process 
·	Prepare the test data and also to verify the test results Involved in integration, unit testing and implementation. 
·	Used Rational Rose for Database and object modeling and Clear Case as file handling tool.

Environment: C++, Sun Solaris UNIX, ATL, MFC, COM/DCOM, TCP/IP, Korn Shell, Sybase11.x/12.0, HTML, XML, OMT (Rational Rose 4.0), and Erwin 3.5

Sept ‘99 to June '00
Client:	Satellite Dialysis Center, San Jose.	 			Sr. Programmer
Project: Velos Scheduling
Description: Scheduling is an application of distributed application developed to cater the need of scheduling the various resources. Every resource, which may be animate or inanimate  is considered as a schedulable object and the user can perform various functions like booking a resource, view the schedule of a resource, check the availability of resource and many more.
In the Intranet\Enterprise version concurrent users can access the business server which is a multithreaded DCOM server at remote location .The server maintain a pool of active connections pointers which are used to interact with the database server. The request from the Client is routed to business server via Object Broker, who performs object pooling and routing to server, which enhance the scalability and responsiveness of the application. It is a multi tier distributed application in which the various features of COM such as Connection Points, multithreading are used.
·	Design and Development of Objects using Object Oriented Design in C++. 
·	Developed Business logic using C++.
·	Developed front end screen using C++, ATL, MFC
·	Used DCOM technology at the server side for Enterprise version
·	Write stored procedures using Transact SQL.
·	Database handling, multithreading, Synchronization, Communication.
·	Also involved in troubleshooting and customer support.
·	Used ERWIN 3.0 and Rational Rose for Data base and object modeling

Environment: C++ 5.0 on Win NT, ATL, MFC, DCOM, MS SQL Server 6.5, OMT (Rational Rose ), and Erwin 3.0

Mar ‘99 to Aug '99
Client:	Satellite Dialysis Center, San Jose.	 		Sr. Programmer Analysts
Project: Interfacing
Description: This Project was done as part of providing the Scheduling service engine to be used by other modules. The other modules are developed in Visual Basic 5.0, which does not have capability of launching a COM object. So a DLL has been written with some functions exported which are used in the powerbuilder code and this DLL then launch the COM component on behalf of corresponding calls from PB.
·	Studied and Analyze the compatibility with VC++ DLL’s with Visual Basic 5.0
·	Write specifications for each function with their input and output requirements.
·	Coded all the functions using VC++, MFC
·	Did unit testing of all DLL’s

Environment: VC++ 5.0 on Win NT, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server 6.5, and Erwin 3.5

Dec ‘97 to Feb '99
AIRSYS-ATM, Thomson CSF, Paris, France	 			Analyst Programmer
Project: Data Link and Voice Information System (DAVIS)
The job involves transmission of Airport Terminal Information (ATIS data) to the arrival, departure and enrolling aircraft's. Operator fills and validates the ATIS received from various sensors like weather details, runway status and navigational aids. Requests from aircrafts for ATIS information will be received by the DAISY, automatically through the datalink. The validated ATIS data will be transmitted to the corresponding aircrafts in the form of data (through datalink) and voice (through VHF).
·	Developed System Segment Design Document(SSDD) and System Detailed Design Document. 
·	Designed and developed the GUI screens with appropriate events. Written code for decoding Meteorological data received through the RS232 port. 
·	Developed COM components using C++ for decoding downlink requests received through X.25 datalink and also encoding uplink data to transmit to aircraft.
·	Multithreading is used to continuously keep track of downlink messages and send corresponding uplink messages. Locks are used to synchronize resources sharing between these threads. 
·	Programming with DECTALK utility to convert text messages to voice .
·	Programming with NT Backup utility for automatic backup and restore of database.

Environment: C++,C, MFC, COM, X.25 data link, Win 32 API, Multithreading and MS Access

July ‘96 to Nov ‘97
Client:	Software Services International Pvt. Ltd.		 			Programmer
Project: eScheduling
Description: The concept of scheduling is now taken on the web using the DCOM server
and Active server pages. The User requests are handled by Web Server (IIS), which routed the request to the DCOM server.
Environment: Active Server Pages, VBScript, Java Script, Oracle

June ‘94 to June ‘96
Client: BHS, Austria							Programmer
Project : CRIS (Clinical Revenues Information System)	
Description	: The project is a three-tier client server application, which was implemented to cater the client need of generating the revenue information in healthcare environment using a centralized server which was implemented in DCOM.the server is destined to be access by a variety of users .while the patient is diagnosed and analyzed in the hospital all the bills need to be generated after consulting to the insurance agencies and others are available through the server.
·	System Analysis and design
·	Developed Business logic using C++
·	Developed front end screen using VC++,MFC
·	Used ERWIN for Data base modeling
Environment :VC++ 4.0 on Win NT 4.0,MFC, Sybase and Erwin

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