How to sign up as a Software Contractor

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What we are: The Software Contractors' Guild is dedicated to offering services to software contractors. This is a community of talented software developers and this Web site is a place for software contractors to post a resume and get exposure to hiring managers and recruiters.

Qualifications: You must be working as a software contractor/consultant or actively pursuing such a position. We accept software contractors world wide. If you would like to be identified with this professional group, please join.

Requirements: You will need a web browser and an email address.

Membership Levels: We offer two types of membership, basic and premium.

  • Basic Membership. For a basic membership there is no charge. At this level you get a profile page and you can post one resume in HTML or TXT format. To sign up for basic membership, follow the signup procedures below.
  • Premium Membership.For a premium membership there is a small fee of US$20.00 per year. At this level you get a profile page with skills listed and the ability to post up to three versions of your resume in HTML, Word, PDF, Rich Text, TXT or Open Document formats. To sign up for premium membership, follow the signup procedures below and then click the link for premium service found on your profile page when you are logged in.
What do we do with your data? We post all of your data on our Web site (except the password). The email address is only exposed in the manner that you indicate in your profile form. We do not distribute it to other parties without your permission. But be aware that there are other parties on the Internet that extract resumes and distribute them. You might find that your resume is copied into other databases that are sold to agents. This is outside our control. The positive is that you want the widest possible distribution when you are trying to find a new gig.

Please read the Privacy Statement.

Signup Procedures:

  • STEP 1: Fill in the data in the Profile Entry Form. Fill in as much information as you can now and submit to initiate the basic membership service. You can always edit or update it any time. When the submission process is complete, you will have been assigned a member number and an Information Profile page will have been created from the information you entered in the sign-up form.

  • STEP 2: Once you've completed and submitted the Profile Entry Form, the next page you will see is the Contractor Resume Entry Form. Use the "Browse" button to find the resume you want to upload. Select "Upload resume file" button. For more information on preparing your resume for upload, See instructions.

  • STEP 3: The next page you see will be your Information Profile page. Review all of your entries to make sure that they look the way you want them to. When you are logged in, use the "edit profile" or "post resume" buttons to make changes.

  • STEP 4: Then to sign up for premium services, login by clicking on the login button you will find at the top of any page. While you are logged in you will find a button to pay dues near the bottom of your profile page.
If you have any questions, send email to the WebMaster at

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